Magic Mirror at Lakeside Marquee, Thornton Manor

Magic Mirror at Lakeside Marquee. This evening we were in the Lakeside Marquee at Thornton Manor with our Magic Mirror. What a venue! We had been here before in the Music Room with our MR&MRS letters, but this was our first time in the Lakeside Marquee and we were highly impressed! 

The marquee was next to the lake (as the name would suggest!) and was the perfect space for a beautiful wedding on a sunny day. If you’re looking for a venue and had a marquee in mind then seriously check this place out as it was totally amazing. 

We had our Magic Mirror with us to celebrate Laura and Tom’s special day and we were in good company with a casino table next to us, which helped to keep the guests entertained all night long!

We designed a beige patterned template to match the invitations. Check out the pictures in the Facebook gallery!

Magic Mirror at Lakeside Marquee

Magic Mirror at Lakeside Marquee